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Dale Earnhardt Lives on
Keeping the legend of the 3 alive
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Dale Earnhardt, a driver who was considered a Nascar legend by many with many with accomplishments such, wins,championships and awards. Always a had a chance to win the race. He was many peoples favorite driver. When his life ended suddenly and unexpectedly people took it upon them selves to keep themselves alive. The number 3 is no longer in the major series but is one of the most seen numbers now.

  • In the movie Zombieland the Hummers have a 3 painted on the side for Dale Earnhardt
  • The song "The Last Ride" was based on Dale Earnhardt
  • 3 a movie that portrays Dale Earnhardt was made.
  • Speed Network's The 10 a count down of significant Nascar moments almost always has Dale Earnhardt in #1 position
  • Also their show The Day was basically made around the idea of his final race.
  • In real life For most of the 2001 season his fans held up 3 fingers on lap 3, His son raced a 3 car sponsored by Wrangler, Dale won the popular driver award for 2001.

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