Childhood Play Foreshadows Future Profession
Children pretend to do the job they'll have as adults
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Generally, the audience is most familiar with the character as an adult. Either during a flashback or introductory scene, we see them as a child, playing at the same job they'll be as an adult.

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  • In the first scene of the first episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, we see Jonathan Archer as a preteen painting a model of a starship. He grows up to be the captain of the Enterprise.
  • At the beginning of The Wedding Planner, we see the titular character acting out a wedding scene with dolls. (Right? My memory of this movie is vague, and I only saw a small part.)
  • At the beginning of Contact, we see Eleanor Arroway being taught how to use a HAM radio by her father, foreshadowing her work at SETI.
  • In Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Takano vows to become an expert in medicine to avenge her guardian as a very young girl.
  • There is a legend that King Cyrus was raised by a peasant family (he was supposed to be killed at birth, but the man responsible disobeyed), but his heritage became clear when he was chosen as a king in a childhood play and behaved like a real one.
  • There's a legend the the mother of the Chinese philosopher Mencius moved three times out of concern for her son. Their first home was near a cemetery, where the young Mencius imitated the rites at funerals. Their second home was near a marketplace, where he imitated the merchants hawking their wares and haggling over prices. Finally, they moved near a school where he imitated the politeness and studiousness of the scholars and teachers.

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