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Double Barreled Pump Action Shotgun

Common in fiction, nonexistent in real life.

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Need a weapon that has the same amount of concentrated "get out" as a double-barreled shotgun, but want to keep that cool pump-racking sound? Need a shotgun for your videogame with More Dakka? Look no further than the Szyslak Scattergun, a double-barreled pump-action. While very cool, this doesn't actually make a whole lot of sense, especially if it's fed from only a single magazine tube (or none at all). Hence, nobody makes one. Expect this to be a Short-Range Shotgun most of the time.


  • Though it looks like a regular double-barrel, Ash's boomstick in Army of Darkness makes a pumping sound and can fire off multiple shots before reloading. Bizarrely, he's not even shown pumping it, as his other hand is a chainsaw.

Video Games

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons. Moe Szyslak is frequently shown threatening the patrons with his shotgun, which seems to be a regular double barreled shotgun with the pump thrown on for kicks.

Real Life

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