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Wake Up, Save the World

When the protagonist is sleeping to begin the story

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How many times has it been where, at the very beginning of the plot, we find the protagonist in bed? The scene may open with a description about the landscape, a brief history of this or that, or even a couple of other characters talking to each other. But when we first meet the protagonist of the story, he is asleep, dreaming away.


  • The Legend of Zelda plays this in spades. In the opening of every game since A Link to the Past, Link has been unconscious or asleep just before you actually gain control of him. However, the one exception is Twilight Princess, where you first meet him while he is speaking with Rusl.

  • The Harry Potter series is an example. When Harry is first seen, he is happily sleeping in Hagrid's arms, unaware of the fact that he is famous, or that hundreds of wizards, worldwide, were raising their glasses and saying in hushed voices, "To Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived."

  • Half-Life 2. Gordon Freeman has been "sleeping" in some sort of suspended animation, and the G-Man tells him, "Wake up, Gordon. Wake up and... smell the ashes."
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