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Can Smell Fear
Someone opposing the Hero may attempted to psyche him or her out by stating they smell their fear.
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Anybody who is opposing The Hero can attempt to psyche them out by stating that they smell their fear. This may or may not work. It could also be said to show The Hero how incredibly obvious it is that they are afraid. If it is said by an ally of the hero or the hero himself, it may be said in order to establish the badass-ness of whoever or whatever they are talking about ("They can smell your fear").

A character who is bestial in nature could smell fear. Such character often has heightened senses and can detect things that humans cannot.


  • In Green Lantern, Sinestro says this to Hal Jordan during their spar.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has Mr. Hyde say "You stink of fear!" to Tom Sawyer.
  • Super Troopers used this for comedic effect. Near the beginning, we have this little exchange between 2 of the main characters while they are questioning a trio of stoners.
    Ramathorn: You smell something Rabbit?
    Rabbit: *sniff* Fear.

Tabletop RPG
  • Classic Traveller, Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society #10
    • Article "Contact! Centaurs". The alien K'Kree (AKA Centaurs) have such an incredibly keen sense of smell that they can detect chemicals given off due to a person's emotional state, thus allowing them to literally smell fear.
    • Article "The Bestiary". The Focaline tree rat has such an exceptional sense of smell that it can detect a creature's emotional state. If a tree rat stays with human beings for at least a year it can learn to distinguish between human emotions such as fear and anger by smell.

Video Games
  • The Defiler, the first boss in the Diablo expansion pack, says "Come closer, morsel. I smell your terror, and I hunger."

Western Animation
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