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Embarrassing Hobby
A character has an embarrassing hobby they don't want their peers to know about.
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Bob is a pretty cool dude. He has a circle friends, regularly gets invited to parties, and has a hot girlfriend. Deep down though, Bob has a Dark Secret which he has been hiding from his friends and even his family his entire life. A secret, which, if it were to be revealed, would completely ruin his social life. His family would disown him, his girlfriend would dump him, and he would become enemy number 1 of the state. You see, Bob has an embarrassing hobby.

In his free time, Bob may be into Live Action Roleplaying, take ballet, or is just a fan of a kids show despite being WAY older than the target demographic. Because of this, Bob will keep this hobby a secret from all of his loved ones to prevent himself from being ridiculed. If Bob actually takes pride in the hobby in question, expect his family and friends to be the one who are embarrassed for him.


Comic Books


Live-Action Television
  • In the Psych episode "Not Even Close...Encounters", a childhood friend of Shawn's, who has grown up to be a rich, successful lawyer with a hot girlfriend, is revealed to have a secret room in his house where he keeps an extensive collection of comic book and sci-fi memorabilia and toys. He begs Shawn not to let his girlfriend know.
  • An episode of iCarly} ran on the All Girls Want Bad Boys trope until the title character realized her "badboy" had a collection of girly toys. This was a big enough turn off for her to dump him.

Professional Wrestling

Video Games
  • Mobster Vinnie Gognitti from the Max Payne series collects action figures, as Max finds out in the second game. This is especially embarrassing to Vinnie since he strives project the tough guy aura despite really not being one.

Web Comic

Web Original

Western Animation
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