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An ally all along
When, in the confusion of battle, a perceived threat turns out to be an ally, much to the relief of the audience and characters.
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The simplest way I can think to describe this trope is to reference Return Of The Jedi, when the heroes appear to be cornered by the imperial walker. Thankfully, the walker was actually being piloted by Chewbacca.


  • Return Of The Jedi, as noted above.
  • Final Fantasy VIII - when the party have to fight the BGH 521 F 2 tank for the second time in Fisherman's Horizon, it turns out that the wreckage from the first time you trashed it has been commandeered by your allies.

This trope isn't necessarily confined to not knowing who is driving/piloting vehicles. It could also be confusion in a gunfight when two allies start shooting each other by mistake.

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