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Intentionally making something Good or Angelic.
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TV Tropes is Jesus. It wants to make everyone in the world intelligent and Genre Savvy. It's Pro-American.

Of course none of that is true, or completely true, but that's how Angelization works. It's about twisting facts, or making them up, to make something look better. Sometimes it can actually go as far claiming something is godly, but usually it's more down to earth. Either way, these claims are made either without proof, or counter to actual evidence.

After all, why let facts get in the way of praising things you like?

No, you want people to love this thing. So you will do whatever you can to make this thing seem truly good. It saves people (based on one or two comments, that were quickly proven unrelated)! It saved a nation (was coincidentally a fad in a country just before a popular coup d'etat)! Satan told you he hated it (but somehow didn't tell anyone else, if it was that important)! If it is a race, a nation, or another group of people, they are Always Lawful Good!

A Super Trope to Draco in Leather Pants, Historical Hero Upgrade, and Adaptational Heroism.

Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory (when the symbolism of a work is interpreted to be demonic), Character Derailment (a writer suddenly has a character act angelic for no good reason), Draco in Leather Pants (angelizing a character in fan fiction).

Contrast with Demonization, Jade-Colored Glasses, Ron the Death Eater, and Historical Villain Upgrade.

Since one person's Angelization may seem like another person's "fair and frank praise," we should probably just say "no Real Life examples please."

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