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"Mysterious Ways" Aesop

A character learns a valuable lesson through apparent divine intervention.

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Bob is having a bad week. He got fired from his job, His debts are overdue, his wife threw him out of the house, his son is getting bullied at school, his daughter is dating a hobo, and his dog munched his work shoes.

So Bob, after all of this, puts his last card down and prays for things to get better, and goes home. When he gets there, he finds out that he got a call from his boss, they want him back. And suddenly everything is better. Cue the camera panning out to the sky.

Simply put, it's An Aesop in which the main conflict of the story may or may not have been solved by divine intervention, mostly leading to the aesop being either "Don't lose hope" or something along the lines of "God works in mysterious ways".

Can be seen in family Soap Operas or Sit Coms, most prominently with Christian written or Christian-oriented media. Most of the time to justify an Ass Pull or Deus ex Machina near the very end.

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  • March 24, 2012
    I believed this was parodied in Futurama, when Bender meets god in space, ultimately culminating in Him saying that "When you do things right, no one knows you did anything".