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The title of a work ends with -ation, -ator or something similar.
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This ykttw now has five hats, but not yet a generally accepted name. Here's a list of alternatives. Please weigh in or come up with new ones:

  • Titulation
  • The Tropinator
  • Title: Tropation
  • Titleation
  • Titulification
  • Menacing Title Indicator
  • Title: The Menacing
  • Noun Name: The Verbination.
  • Menacing Name: The Evocation
  • Title: The Intimidation
  • Menacing Name: Convention

Read all italicized words below out loud, in your deepest, most menacing voice.
An easy way to come up with a title for a work of fiction which causes Intimidation in the reader is to use a word that ends with -ation (for example Categorization), -ator (Vigilante Taxonomator), -ing (Troper: The Classification) or something similar, and that stresses the second-to-last syllable. The two former variants tend to draw readers' Association towards evil Corporations, cold-blooded Termination or robotic Invasions. In short, it's purpose is the Invocation of feelings of Dehumanization. It's useful for naming Thrillers, Dystopian works, Speculative Fiction and any combination of the three. The latter variant is has a stronger tendency to cause Associating to medieval Conquering, the Summoning of demonic beings and just generally epic events Happening. It's therefore useful for Naming works of High Fantasy, Cosmic Horror and similar genres.
Preferably used as a One-Word Title, though usage in Combination with Numeration and a certain type of Punctuation.
Compare Mad Lib Thriller Title, The Crime Job and Terminology Title. Do not confuse with Titillation or... Uh, actual Titulation.


A lot of people have said that this trope seems like People Sit on Chairs. I don't think so. This trope isn't about a random grammatical form, it's about the conscious use of said form with the purpose of evoking certain feelings and expectations. There's a reason there's no romantic comedy film named 'Adoration', despite the inherently positive meaning of the word itself. Don't just drop a comment saying that it seems like PSOC and leave. Explain why you think so, and I'll answer best I can.


[[folder:Comic Books]]
  • From the Mass Effect Expanded Universe:
    • Mass Effect: Redemption
    • Mass Effect: Inquisition
    • Mass Effect: Incursion
    • Mass Effect: Evolution
    • Mass Effect: Conviction
    • Mass Effect: Invasion

[[folder:Film]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Literature]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
  • The Doctor Who serials "The Invasion", "The Dominators", and "The Visitation".

[[folder:Video Games]]
  • Devastation
  • Total Annihilation
  • Abomination: The Nemesis Project
  • Incubation: Time is Running Out
  • Domination
  • Damnation
  • Infestation
  • Gravitation
  • Fascination

[[folder:Web Original]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Western Animation]] [[/folder]]

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