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Children of LOST

An umbrella title for all the shows that clearly exist because of the success of LOST.

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They've been popping up a lot lately. Always sci-fi or fantasy, but to some degree grounded in human drama. Always with a "compelling" mystery mythology. Expect an ensemble cast, probably multiracial.

These are the shows that only got greenlit because of the success of ABC's Lost. They're riding on its success, but I think we only watch them because they just might have a more satisfying ending than the Bad Robot masterpiece. Too bad most of them get cancelled early-on.

Many of these shows have some connection to Lost, like a shared actor, or being produced by Bad Robot. Others are just similar in tone.

  • The original Children of Lost were Heroes and Fringe, both of which premiered while Lost was still on air. The latter is approaching its exciting conclusion; the former... probably should have done so after season one.

  • More recently we have Terra Nova and Alcatraz, neither of which made it past the first season. Person of Interest premiered the same year, and is doing better.

  • And now there's 666 Park Avenue, starring Terry O'Quinn himself. This one's based on a book, but the feel of the show exudes Series/Lost.

And there are probably more. If not, there certainly will be in September. In a sense, The Children of Lost are the last bastion of the Noughties Drama Series. It's the fraction of the New Tens Drama Series that are still trying to make last decade's formula work.
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