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Suicidal Pacifism
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This is what happens when the Martyr Without a Cause decides to try suicide by Pacifism.

More seriously, when a person or (heaven help them, an entire people) believe that actual pacifism is an ideology worth living... and dying by. They believe that violence is intolerable, so fighting back is completely unjustified, much less killing. This is fine for relatively rational bullies and oppressors, who they might be able to shove off with peaceful efforts, which they may have done in the past. For plot purposes however, the threat they will face is manifestly tyrannical or genocidal/murderous.

When the hero tries to point this out and convince them to defend themselves, they will preachily snip at him that he can't convince them to abandon their ways when he himself has hands full of blood-- err, hands full of bloodless violence? If he tries to argues that peace and liberty must be defended, they will say it's not worth killing for. Of course, once the tyrant arrives he will waste no time kicking them around and thanking them for rolling over so he can trample them more easily. Only heroes take guff, after all.

Typically, the hero has to convince him/them to learn to get angry or Training the Peaceful Villagers. Depending on the specifics, the suicidal pacifist(s) may be a Straw Man against pacifism.
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