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Definite Article Band
A team where members each have their own role starting with
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When you want to show off a Badass team, you introduce the members by giving them all a short, one-or-two-word, description beginning with "the," such as "The Brains" or "The Brawns." Ideally, the roles won't overlap, and will give each team-member something to do when it comes time for a mission. Very common when putting together a team for The Caper.

See also Spell My Name with a "The".


  • Inception, being an unusual take on the heist movie genre, uses unique rolls; The Extractor: Dom, The Point Man: Arthur, The Chemist: Yusuf, The Forger: Eames, The Architect: Ariadne, The Tourist: Saito
  • The advertising posters for Fantastic Mr. Fox show off the characters this way; The Brains, The Muscle, The Brains-Behind-the-Brains...

Live-Action TV:
  • Frequently used by characters in Angel to describe the main cast. Angel is The Champion, Wesley is The Brains, Gunn is The Muscle, Cordelia is The Heart, and Fred is The Science Expert. When Holtz starts investigating the team, he classifies them using the same names.
  • In an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the gang tries to work out what their roles are, mentioning The Brains, The Muscle, The Looks, The Wild Card, and The Useless Chick.
  • Leverage advertises its team this way; The Brains, The Hitter, The Hacker, The Grifter, and The Thief. Since the second season, Ford has been referred to as "The Mastermind."

  • The Beatles: John is "the smart one," Paul is "the cute one," George is "the quiet one," and Ringo is "the funny one."
  • The Rutles makes fun of the Beatles example by having Stig, "the quiet one," and having him literally never speak.
  • In the musical group Steam Powered Giraffe, one of the robots is called "The Spine." Oddly, another of the trio is called "The Jon." (Possibly because the actor portraying the robot is named Jon and they couldn't think of a better name.) Among the humans in the group, Michael Reed is often referred to as "The One-Man Band" and their sound guy, Steve Negrete, is often referred to as "The Sound Engineer."


Video Games:
  • Borderlands does this during the opening scene of the game. Roland; The Soldier, Mordecai; The Hunter, Lilith; The Siren and of course Brick, As Himself.
  • Star Fox Assault ommits the "the":
    • Team Starfox: Fox: Leader, Falco: Ace Pilot, Slippy: Mechanic, Peppy: Adviser, Krystal: Telepath
    • Team Starwolf: Wolf: Leader, Leon: Killer, Panther: Pilot
    • Both: Pigma: Betrayer
  • Sly 2: Band of Thieves calls Murray "the muscle", Bentley "the smart guy", and Sly "the master thief", at least on the back of the box.

Western Animation:
  • The Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles series invokes this in the advertising; Leonardo: The Leader, Raphael: The Muscle, Donatello: The Brains, Michelangelo: The Wild One
  • The Simpsons:
    • When Homer, Apu, Barney & Principal Skinner from a barbershop quartet, they have a press conference similar to the one the Beatles have in A Hard Day's Night.
      'Reporter: "Principal Skinner, you've been referred to as "the funny one." Is that reputation justified?"
      Skinner: "Yes. Yes, it is."
      gales of uproarious laughter
    • When Bart leads a group of kids into Shelbyville to get Springfield's lemon tree back:
      Bart: "OK, here's how it goes: I'm The Leader, Milhouse is my Loyal Sidekick, Nelson's the Tough Guy, Martin's the Smart Guy, and Todd's the Quiet Religious Guy Who Ends Up Going Crazy."
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