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I'll Do It Myself

I'll do the job myself!

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"If you want a job done right, do it yourself"

Sometimes, the only way to settle a problem or the best considered one is state out that you'll do it yourself.

The villain finds that none of his subordinates are dealing with the The Hero, so he chooses to take care of it himself. The Hero may find a job that only he can achieve and that having unwanted guests will put others at risk, so he tells his Five Man Band that he'll do it alone.

Often found when people are frustrated that the job is getting done like they expected. Found on the cynical/realist side of the Sliding Scaleof Idealism Vs Cynicism.


  • Rasputin in the animated film Film/Anastasia says he'll kill the lost princess personally when his sorcery minions fail to do so.

  • During the beginning of the infiltration in Recess Schools Out. One of the outside guards says the above the quote

Video Games

  • Captain Qwark also say the above quote in a space battle against the main duo.
    • Dr. Nefarious from Ratchet And Clank Up Your Arsenal has his Bi-o-bliterator launch delayed and calls Lawrence for help. When the image of Lawrence is only an automatic hologram message, Nefarious say he'll do it himself. Cue boss battle.
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