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Javelin Throw
Spears meant for throwing.
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A common weapon to use is the spear; it has existed since ancient times. One use for it is in close quarters combat, while another one is as a projectile. Although proving to be less accurate than guided projectiles when thrown by itself, it was a reliable weapon with or without the use of a spear thrower.

Contrast with Blade on a Stick, where spears are used as close combat weapons. May cause being Impaled with Extreme Prejudice.

Video Games

  • Skirmishers in Age of Empires II, and they tend to fulfill an anti-archer role. The Turma and the Peltast from Age of Mythology is in the same vein.
  • Javelineers and Elite Javelineers from Rise of Nations.
  • Spore featured these as weapons, alongside axes.
  • Troll Headhunters and Berserkers in Warcraft III.
  • Features in the Fire Emblem games.
  • Although under normal circumstances Freya uses her spears as a close combat weapon, her Jump skill makes her throw down her spear before landing. In Trance she throws multiple spears while staying in the air.

Real Life

  • A very common weapon in antiquity, especially among Hellenistic cultures. Philip II of Macedon and his more famous son Alexander the Great's effective use of peltasts alongside the Macedonian phalanx and shock cavalry, forming a fearsome combined arms approach, may have inspired this.
  • Of course, the Romans used these effectively, combining the use of their pila (singular: pilum) with the gladius to provide a deadly infantry force.
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