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Dreadful Diva Demands
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Some celebrities are downright insufferable. It's as if their sole purpose is to make everyone's life around them utterly miserable. One of their favorite ways to express this intense loathing is by bossing around their subordinates. Enter the Dreadful Diva Demands.

This trope originates from real life, -Text needed here to further explain origin-

The Diva will make unreasonable demands, such as wanting very particularly prepared meals, custom furniture in dressing rooms, pet care on sets, ridiculous security measures, sorted candies and snacks, and even custom toilets and plumbing on every venue.

The most common demand is a bowl of candy (usually M&M's), only with either one color removed, all of the same color, or the colors sorted in separate bowls. This particular variant was inspired by Van Halen, whose concert rider actually did demand a bowl of M&M's (with the brown ones removed) in the band's dressing room—except this demand for M&M's was actually a Secret Test (see Real Life section for more detail).

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Film - Animated

Film - Live Action

Live Action TV
  • In an episode of Lizzie McGuire, Lizzie becomes a model and soon wants out of it, due to her friends treating her differently. To prove this, she acts like a diva and demands jelly beans. Once she gets them, she then says to pick out the green ones.

Newspaper Comics
  • In one strip of Pearls Before Swine, Rat demands that his dressing room be filled with M&M's - but no red ones.
Rat: (...) I hate the red ones.

Real Life
  • Van Halen's concert rider—demanding a bowl of M&M's (sans the brown ones) in the dressing room—earned them some infamy. What's less known is that the M&M's were a Secret Test: the concert rider had a lot details regarding stage setup, sound equipment, lighting, etc., which had to be followed to the letter to insure the concert happened safely and without complications. If the requested bowl of M&M's wasn't in the band's dressing room, that tipped them off that the venue hadn't followed their other specifications, so their road crew would go double-check everything.
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