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Cain And Abel Go Hunting

Two brothers go on a hunting trip where one is reluctant to kill an animal but the other is not.

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So you've got two brothers, a kind-hearted and heroic "Abel" and a darker, more villainous "Cain." There's a good chance that any flashback to their childhood will involve them going hunting.

The two brothers will be dragged out onto a hunting trip, usually by their father who will be portrayed as a Jerkass if not outright abusive. They'll get an animal in their sights and the father will order Abel to kill the animal. However, Abel will be too compassionate to deliver the killing shot. However, Cain will kill the animal without hesitation, highlighting the contrast in their personalities.

Sometimes, Cain killing the animal will be presented as a Pet the Dog moment. By sparing Abel the task of killing the animal, Cain will show that he still has some love for his brother.

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  • In The Legend of Korra, Tarrlok and his brother Noatak/Amon are forced on "hunting" trips by their father, who forces them to learn the art of bloodbending and practice it on animals.
  • In the tie-in webcomics for Heroes, it is revealed that Arthur Petrelli took his sons Peter and Nathan on a hunting trip. Peter was too frightened to kill a deer so Nathan killed it for him.
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