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Grand Unifying Myth
All myths or fantasy creatures are explained by something within the story
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All the myths, fantasy creatures and stories in a given universe are based on the same story.

This is often justified by The Law of Conservation of Detail; explaining away all things can take time, effort and ugly Info Dumps, so many writers eventually decide to use the same all-encompassing explanation for everything.

See also Minovsky Physics.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
  • Kind of subverted, kind of played straight in AR∀GO: City of London Police's Special Crimes Investigator. For example, Werewolves don't exist, but a wolf pelt that turns a person into a werewolf-like creature does.
  • Devilman has Akira's friend Ryo tell him that Demons once roamed the Earth before being frozen in the arctic while humans dominated the planet. He also mentions that some demons got free, and could be the true causes of monster myths like Wolfmen, Dracula, and Ogres.
  • Guyver suggests that the zoanoids changing between human and monster forms is the origin of myths like werewolves and vampires.
  • Shaman King also does mention about all prophets/chosen people in different cultures as being Shaman Kings from previous tournaments, although they only imply that with the most known ones, Jesus and Buddha. Some spirits used by shamans seem to be portrayed as Gods, too, like Shamash, and the Sphynx.

  • This was the original premise of Marvel Comics' Eternals, before they were shoehorned into the mainstream Marvel Universe. The Jack Kirby series had these beings and their enemies the Deviants, mistaken for gods and monsters and inspiring all of humanity's myths, legends and ancient religions. When they got switched to the Fantasy Kitchen Sink of the MU, they were relegated to having merely been mistaken for actually-existing gods.

[[folder:Film]] [[/folder]]

  • In His Dark Materials, many divining methods are actually just "talking to Dust", the sentient matter forming most of the universe. Averted, however, in that most religions may actually be lies created by the Authority to control everything.
    • Only the authoritarian religions. The others presumably are born from interaction with the Dust, and Angels who are spontaneously formed from it.
    • The witches worship deities such as Yambe Akka (based on a real world Sami and Finnish goddess, by the way), but there's no evidence for, or against, their actual existence.
  • Young Wizards plays with this trope, in that many myths were inspired by the non-mythical actions of the godlike Powers That Be. For example, the extremely powerful Winged Defender is the inspiration for (among other things) Thor, Athena, Prometheus and the archangel Michael.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
  • The final Quatermass serial has stone circles (which do nothing; the stones only mark the places where people congregated in the past) around the world becoming activated; people congregate there (an activated race memory), expecting to be: contacted by aliens, 'raptured' into heaven, 'go to the planet', etc. Instead, they are 'harvested' by an interstellar energy beam that reduces them to dust, with a tiny fraction lost to the beam. It is further suggested that all religions, and by extension, all of human politics, wars and history, have been the result of this race memory: to congregate and be harvested.
  • In Stargate SG-1, all myths are actually accounts of aliens (of multiple species) visiting Earth.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
  • Zig-Zagged in the Old World of Darkness: each game line-up claims that most of the mythology was the work of the particular supernatural species it focuses on (vampires, werewolves, demons, etc.), but altogether, it means that world myths have a multitude of separate origins, after all.

  • In Earthsong, mythical creatures in all worlds are based on the brief memory fragment that people keep of their time on the eponymous planet.

[[folder:Western Animation]] [[/folder]]
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