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IKEA Breakup
Couple goes to IKEA. They break up. (May not have enough media examples yet)
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A couple is about to move in together for the first time.

The couple go somewhere to furnish/buy things for their new apartment/house. Usually this is IKEA.

They fight about furniture. Or is it really the furniture they're fighting over?

They break up.
I'm not entirely sure there are enough examples in media for this; all I can think of is an episode of Thirty Rock and part of one of Louis C.K.'s more recent standup routines. However (1) I know for a fact this actually happens (it happened to not one but two friends of mine), so it may have appeared elsewhere. We might expand it a bit to other places couples moving in together might go after they move in together, but I suspect this might not be tropeable for a little while yet.
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