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Animals Have Insect Pets

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In order to avoid the Furry Confusion of a mouse with a pet dog, some stories about Funny Animals will make invertebrates the "domestic" animals of the setting. Inevitably, they get a bit anthropomorphised as well, often to the point of speaking and wearing clothes, which rather defeats the object. Many times the insect also acts very much like the animal they are supposed to replace.

Rolling Updates, as long as I remember...

  • Zipper the fly in Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.
  • Colin the flea in Roland Rat.
  • Gordon the Gopher had a pet worm, but I don't recall its name.
  • Spinner the spider in The Beano strip Pup Parade (a particularly interesting example since the pups themselves were supposed to be the pets of the Bash Street Kids).
  • Kevin & Kell takes it a step further - Daisy is a pet plant.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants has Gary, a pet snail. There are also pet worms, which act as dogs in this setting (just as snails act as cats).
  • The Ant Queen on A Bug's Life has a pet aphid. This is a bit of Truth in Television, as some species of ants keep aphids to harvest their secretions for food.
  • In the Neopets world, pets can have petpets--often small animals or insects given a different name--who can also have petpetpets, which are all insect-looking.
  • WALL-E has a cockroach for a pet, presumably because a robot with a pet dog (unless it was a robot dog) would look funny. Of course, it's After the End, so...
  • Squishy, Norm Platypus's pet amoeba in My Cage.

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