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Poisoned Reset Button
Screw Destiny for now, but Destiny can screw you over right back.
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When something very, very, very bad happens in universe, Genre Savvy characters with some preparation under their belt have a Reset Button stashed away for this sort of scenario to Set Right What Once Went Wrong and only use it when the Godzilla Threshold has been so blatantly crossed that there is no other alternative. So the day has been saved and everything is back to normal, but over time a greater evil has been invoked, consequences crop up, and they come to find out that fate ain't going to take your shit lying down. A character can Know When to Fold 'Em if they are willing to pull a proper Reset Button and let the events play out, assuming that's still possible, but the Poisoned Reset Button is flexible as a Arc Welder, My Greatest Failure, or as a Last Temptation or Lotus-Eater Machine if the hero is kept in the dark about the consequences.


In Warehouse 13, Arty reset time with Magellen's Astrolabe to save the world from pandora's box, but unwittingly unleashed an unspeakable evil upon the earth

Western Animation

Johnny Bravo In one episode, Johnny is late for a blind date and tears apart Bunny's flower bed trying to get a bouquet. Bunny makes him spend so much time fixing it that he's two hours late and ends up being attacked by a vampire. He then uses a remote to rewind to earlier in the show and doesn't ruin the flower bed, but something else slows him down. No matter how many times he does this, something always makes him late.


See any and all Final Destination movies.

See also self fulfilling prophecy.
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