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Critical Advice Cutoff
There's something you absolutely NEED to know! It's --
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A character is about to give someone else critical advice, but...

  • They get killed or captured.
  • They forget what it is.
  • The call drops.

Whether it's played for laughs or for drama, the character's on his own to figure out that critical piece of advice he could have known ahead of time.

  • In Plants vs. Zombies, Crazy Dave tries to tell you what Dr. Zomboss's weakness is. "Uh oh. He's here. Better get ready. It's gonna be one heckuva fight! Listen, though. I know what his weakness is: You have to hit him in the pancreas! No, that was a different guy... You have to... um... kick him in the... Hmm... You have to press up up down down left right... er... Wait! I remember! It's..." *Gets kidnapped by bungee zombie*
  • In the second level of Defense Grid: The Awakening, The Entity (Your assistant AI) says, "Oh, and this is absolutely essential! You must remember to ahh... hmm..." -- Luckily, he remembers a few minutes later to tell you that certain towers are more effective than others against certain alien types.
  • Happens in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium due to a pay phone running out of money.
  • In Ocean's Twelve, when Rusty is instructing Linus on how to act convincingly. Distraction strucks.
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