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An old tv show

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I remember watching an old tv show in the early to mid 90s. I thought it may be a twilight zone episode but it was in color. It starts with a little boy waking up and looking for his parents. They didn't seem to be home so he went about his usual morning making himself some breakfast and getting ready. He looked to be 7 or 8. One notable thing about the room was that he had one of those beds that attached to the wall. Shortly after that he was walking around town and I believe he got an ice cream. He bumped in to a pregnant lady that was his mom. He did not address her as mom he was just talking to her and asking her if she had any kids, she replied with no this will be my first little boy. She was carrying the stuffed bear that he grew up with. He knew she was his mom but it was as if he time traveled. He told her what to name the baby which was his name and walked away. Please help, hopefully someone will know what I am talking about.
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