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Save files in video games
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This is part of an effort to fill in the gaps for missing "save game" type tropes. I don't think this one needs examples, but I could be wrong.

A save game, also called a save file or saved game, is stored information about a player's progress in a game. That file can then be loaded by the game software so that the player can restart the game from that point.

Save files have two uses. The first is to prevent all progress from being lost in the case of a Game Over. The second is to allow the player to quit the game and come back to it at a time of their choosing.

Save games are nigh universal in modern games that are too long to finish in a single session, especially Role-Playing Games. Conversely, the lack of save games was the norm in the early years when there was no offline storage media and in-game memory was very small.


(This will fill out as more of these come to YKTTW)

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