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Too easy to have never happened before
You know when a character does something so affectively, and easily, that nobody's done before?
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Quite often in fiction, characters come up with solutions to problems or do things, mundane or otherwise, that appear so easy and so effective that it seems pretty mathematically unlikely that no one has ever done it before now.

In some circumstances, this can be similar to cutting the knot or taking a third option as both of these tropes involve a character using an unconventional solution to solve a complicated problem. However, these solutions are not necessarily easy.


  • Dragon Ball Z: so apparently before Goku no saiyan had ever felt a strong need to win a fight and turned in to a supper saiyan

live action TV
  • Doctor Who: itís pretty much a mathematical certainty that if destroying all reality where possible it would have been done long before the daleks tried

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