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Spies in a Van
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Subtrope of Stakeout

launched as Spies in a Van.

Mostly Exactly What It Says on the Tin. There's a vehicle with relatively few windows and a fair amount of space. On the outside it looks fairly ordinary, inside it is filled with all sorts of electronics and several spies monitoring cameras and bugs they've planted. Most often, it's a slightly corrupt but well - intentioned Anti-Hero Government Agency of Fiction that uses this tactic, but the Big Bad will often have these too.

Expect the following:
  • The spies are snacking, and run out of food, so one character is sent to get more. The others complain about the food.
  • The spies get into a debate over something. It's at that moment one of them notices that for once something is happening and tells the others to be quiet.
  • The spies temporarily end up spying on someone involved in something titillating but only periperally related to the overall mission. If The Hero is spying on a relatively innocent person or its an Anti-Hero spying on a particularly sympathetic Anti-Villain, you can be almost certain either they'll end up working together later, or else their "victim" will turn out to be Not So Harmless.
  • The spies end up kidnapping someone for interrogation.


  • The French agents in the Godzilla in New York City movie. Yeah, that one.
  • The Hero's coworkers in True Lies operate one for the NSA.
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