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Set Weapon Mode To Kick
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Up for Grabs, Seen It a Million Times, Do We Have This One?? Needs a Better Title? what about "Kick, Don't Stab" "Deadly Weapons Not Meant To Kill" Just Launch It Already? Comment if you think this needs some kind of editing and or edit youself.

Set Swords to Stun is about the weapons being used and not being lethal. This is the inverse: The weapons are still lethal, but they don't get used for convenient finishing blows. After all, Isn't it kinda silly to Set Swords to Stun, right? armed battles are cool. Everybody knows that. But weapons do have the undesired side effect to kill or at least wound people, and you don't want to show your hero mercilesly slicing through those helpless mooks, nor have him or the villian dying in the first 16 seconds of their final battle.

Then, how can you have a long lasting battle built up without any of this happening? besides filling with gratuitious Flynning of course. Set Weapon Mode To Kick. You can give the impression that there are folks getting hit left and right in a battle without logically killing that many people on screen if you make your characters kick a lot while they are fighting with swords or whatnot on their hands. This doesn't make a whole lot of sense in Real Life, since you are already holding a deady weapon on your hand and you certainly would rather kill your enemy, you are going to use the kind of attack that is more likely to do it and less likely to get you mutilated. In fictionland however, the opposite applies. When a character wielding a sword (or any other kind of weapon for the mater) kicking someone it's guaranteed to work nearly every time and send the enemy straight to the ground or a nearby pitfall, never to rise up again. They never miss, or are endured by the enemy, nor parried like 90% of every blow dealt with a deadly weapon (probably because parrying a leg with a sword would end the battle). Also it helps get the idea through that a character is a skilled maritial artist.. in some way.

Compare to Set Swords to Stun. This is for works in which weapons really are shown to kill and maim every so often, but in order to prolong or soften the battles they are not used instead. Also it's saves a fortune on fake blood. Needs More Examples I know there are millions.

Edged Weapons:

  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie adaptation has Captain Nemo doing this a lot.
  • Star Wars The Phantom Menace has both the jedis and Darth Maul doing this a lot.
  • Tatsumaru from Tenchu 2 makes a living joke out of this. He has the legendary master sword of a very bloody game, but has only 2 or 3 obscure attacks with it, using instead a convination of punches and kicks as main method of attack.
  • Many of the TV shows by Sam Raimi's Renaissance Pictures used this trope, to keep their PG rating despite the use of swords. Everyone carried swords, no one ever used them. These (and later shows inspired by them) would use this trope, with a condition of "If you fall down you are dead." So if the kick/punch caused the person to fall on the ground, that person would not get back up (as if they had been stabbed by that sword everyone is carrying). Swords were otherwise solely used for parrying other swords. Never to slash or stab someone. Renaissance shows doing this (or shows inspired by them) include:

  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
  • Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Jack-of-All-Trades
  • The Adventures Of Sinbad (Not from Renaissance, but based of the style of the above series) was special: Only the mute black guy's throwing daggers would ever hit anyone. All swordfights were otherwise won by punching or kicking.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are notorious for this especially Raphael and Leonardo. This was actually averted in the kid friend 87 turtles because most enemies were robots, but in the Darker and Edgier series they usually only used bladed weapons to parry and then attacked with kicks.
  • A variation: in The Legend Of Zelda cartoon series Link had a sword, but he only ever fought using the Sword Beams.
  • GI Joe: Snake Eyes and Stormshadow ever only kick their enemies down. Never stab them.
  • The Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog had this. They would never stab or slash anyone. Instead the sword/axe/trident/flail for just used for firing magic at monsters. Everything else is kicks and punches,
  • In China O'Brien, two martial artist chefs wielding cleavers assault two goons--but never actually hit them with their knives, and finish them off with a kick to the face.


  • In Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist, the main character is supposed to be a famous gunfighter, but there's only one scene where (it's implied) you actually shoot someone. Other times you shoot a chandelier rope to knock out the bad guy, shoot a can of laughing gas to drug a band of rampaging outlaws, and shoot the gun out of another gunfighter's hand. Mind you, that last one might be an aversion since his shot wounds you.
  • Jecht in Dissidia: Final Fantasy carries around a reverse-gripped BFS but never actually uses it outside of his Super Mode; instead, he opts for a torrent of kicks and punches.
  • In the old Lone Ranger TV series, the LR used his Silver Bullets mostly for shooting the gun out of the hand of the baddie, relying on Good Old Fisticuffs for actual takedowns.
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