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"Government of the people, by the people, for the people"

It's one thing to write up a good story (or in some cases, make a decent game with a good story) with interesting characters and plot twists and so forth. But finding the right demographic for the work in question to appeal to is just as difficult, unless you intentionally go for Misaimed Fandom. The obvious solution is for the series in question to be made by the very same people that will be the intended demographic. A grim side effect of this is that those not of the intended fandom may not be as likely to invest time being a part of it, though the writer(s) will think that it's all for the best.

Compare Periphery Demographic for when the work attracts a fanbase that's not part of the intended demographic.


  • Fan art, fan fiction, fan vids, and every Abridged Series in general can be described as "made for fans, by fans".
  • In William Makepeace Thackeray's Pendennis (published serially 1848-1850), the Pall Mall Gazette describes itself as the following:
We address ourselves to the higher circles of society: we care not to disown it--the Pall Mall Gazette is written by gentlemen for gentlemen; its conductors speak to the classes in which they live and were born. The field-preacher has his journal, the radical free-thinker has his journal: why should the Gentlemen of England be unrepresented in the Press?
  • The clothing line FUBU: For Us, By Us.
  • The Nickleodeon channel once had a show called "Rated K: For Kids, By Kids" (1986-1988).
  • Remember Kidsongs? ... no? Well, it took the trope one step farther. As it said repeatedly, their music videos were made "by kids, for kids, and starring kids".
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