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Injury Magnet

A character is accident-prone to hilarious effect.

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Needs a better description. This is where a character survives either many injuries in quick succession, or repeated injuries over the course of a long career. He may be unlucky, a klutz, an overconfident engineer, a soldier, or a stuntman. Usually played for comedy.


  • The folksong and monologue "The Sick Note" is about a bricklayer who falls off a fourteen-story building, suffering many amusing injuries on the way down.
  • Jackie Chan.
  • The Mythbusters.
  • Field Marshal Evelyn Wood of the Victorian era, who was repeatedly shot, nearly drowned, attacked by ants, fell off (and was trampled by) a giraffe, had numerous riding accidents, and suffered from poor health.
  • The 24th Foot, an entire injury-prone regiment of the British army -- decimated by disease twice, had ships sunk under them twice, captured entire twice, massacred by the Zulus, lost half their numbers in a charge against artillery which they won, and, of course, slaughtered in WWI.
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