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Race Effect Magic
Something magical applies to an entire race, even those opposed or not present.
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You know, that thing where it's possible to do magic that affects an entire race incredibly precisely. This could be good or bad, but usually it's either climactic or happened in the backstory, because this is a big, world-changing deal when it happens. Pretty much every member of the race or species is usually affected, regardless of distance or assent.

See also Phlebotinum Bomb, for a localized but also very specific effect.

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Comic Books
  • House of M: "No more mutants." Scarlet Witch says these words, and 99% of the world's mutants are de-mutantified... but not the popular ones.

  • In Belgariad the Ulgo race was given permanently white skin by the event that made them a distinct race.
  • In Dresden Files, Harry's interference with a crucial ritual leads to the extinction of pretty much every vampire of the Red Court.

Live Action TV
  • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Survivors" the last surviving member of an almost all-powerful alien of a race called the Douwd (he's below Q-level but still practically omnipetent) is attacked by a small group of aliens called the Husnock, who kill his human wife in the process. In retaliation, the Douwd destroys all the Husnock everywhere in the universe.

Video Games
  • In The Elder Scrolls this happens several times. It's always deity-level magic.
    • The Dunmer were created this way when the Chimer were cursed by Asura. This turned them from more or less standard elves into the dark elves we see in the series.
    • The Orsimer were created this way when the Aldmer who worshiped Trinimac were cursed by his corruption by Boethiah. This turned them from more or less standard elves into the orcs we see in the series.
    • The Dwemer were DESTROYED this way - whatever happened at the battle of Red Mountain caused all of them but one to simply vanish. They were abusing the Heart of Lorkhan, a creator deity.
  • In Spellforce 2, the Big Bad makes a Pact on behalf of the entire Dark Elf race sometime between the opening cutscene and the first bit of gameplay. This causes irrevocable physical changes in every living Dark Elf.
  • In NetHack, the Scroll of Genocide can kill an entire race, such as all dwarves or gnomes, and you get a special death message if you're absent-minded enough to zorch your own race.

Western Animation
  • In the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Classics canon, Orko casts a spell that dissolves the entire Snake Men race. According to Word of God however, this didn't affect good, Snake Men-like people.
  • Gargoyles: According to Word of God, this is the in-universe explanation for gargoyles' Magic Pants. Some gargs visited the Emperor of Rome, and he was displeased by their perpetual nudity. His very powerful court-mage cast a "Spell of Humility" that enchanted all gargoyles everywhere. Now, when they turn to "stone" for sleep and wake up in the evening, anything they wear or carry and consider "theirs" is changed with them, instead of destroyed.
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