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One of the standard uses of Time Travel for an Evil Overlord is to assemble is to pluck warriors from various wars throughout history and bring them through to the future (the Evil Overlord's present) and assemble them into an unbeatble fighting machine.

Rolling Updates.


Comic Books
  • Reinhold Borsten did this in the Hex comic book series. This is how gunslinger Jonah Hex got transported to 2050.
  • The 2008 DC Comics mini-series The War That Time Forget centred around this, with various characters from DC's war books being dragged through time and dropped on Dinosaur Island.
  • Inverted in X-Men, where Fitzroy tries to conquer the present (his past) with future sentinel technology. It finally backfires spectacularly when he opens a portal to a prison riot in the future, bringing in a horde of mutant inmates - Bishop follows.

  • The title characters do this to battle Satan in Time Bandits.

  • This is the setting for Fritz Leiber's Change War stories, but the stories are all told by grunts who have no understanding what the big picture.
  • Neal Asher's book Cowl features a Roman Legionnaire, an assassin from a cyberpunk future and a Neanderthal on the same team.

Live-Action TV
  • The War Lord does this in the Doctor Who serial "The War Games".

Tabletop Games

Video Games
  • The recent first-person shooter Darkest of Days. Well, the organization that recruits you out of the American Civil War apparently isn't EVIL, and are more of a Time Police. But they still do most of their recruitment by plucking skilled soldiers out of various wars throughout history, namely people who were considered 'missing in action' anyway.
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