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Twisted Christmas
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A tragic event, that happens on Chistmas, for added irony.

Christmas being the biggest, celebration of love, family, and happiness, it can further increase a single character's personal misery if he experiences totally opposite emotions.

In extreme cases, this can mean death, torture, rape, and more death. In shows with more everyday themes, it might be loneliness, failed relationships, and depression.

See also Snow Means Death, a frequently used motif in such settings, and Bad Santa, a more humorous take on the concept. The Christmas section of Horror Doesn't Settle for Simple Tuesday has some of the most brutal examples.



Live-Action TV
  • One M*A*S*H Christmas BJ insisted on keeping a critically wounded soldier alive so the soldier's children wouldn't remember Christmas as "the day Daddy died." Despite their efforts he died with like 35 minutes left to go - so Hawkeye moved the hands of the clock and said, "Look, he made it."
  • The first Scrubs Christmas Episode starts off like this, but then goes Away in a Manger. Still worth mentioning just for the song that plays as Turk's Christmas Spirit gradually gets worn away:
    On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
    Twelve beaten children,
    Eleven drive-by shootings,
    Ten frozen homeless,
    Nine amputations,
    Eight burn victims,
    Seven strangled shoppers,
    Six random knifings,
    Five suicides,
    Four beaten wives,
    Three ODs,
    Two shattered skulls,
    And a drunk who drove into a tree.

Manga & Anime
  • In ef - a fairy tale of the two., first the earthquake on Christmas, that killed hundreds of people in the town, including the families of Yuu and Yuuko. Then, years later, Yuuko got raped by her stepbrother on a christmas night for the first time. And then, more years later, she died in a car crash on a third Christmas.
  • In Angel Beats!! it was implied that Otonashi's sister died on Christmas Eve.
  • In Toradora, Taiga and Minori, both in love with Ryuuji, pushed him away from themselves wanting him to be happy with the other girl Cue to upbeat christmas song.
  • The dramatic climax of Nanoha A's plays during Christmas Eve.


Video Games

Western Animation
  • The Christmas episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold reveals that Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered on Christmas, while Bruce was sulking over not getting the toy he wanted.
  • The legendary "Woodland Critter Christmas" episode of South Park.

Real Life
  • The Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004.
  • The Cyclone Tracy hit the Australian city of Darwin around 10pm on Christmas Eve, 1974, and dissipated on Boxing Day.
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