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Do we have the trope of the "blind seer"? (Not to be confused with Waif Prophet.) This is when a person with psychic abilities will have either some or complete vision impairment, or else brings attention to their eyes. Examples: - Meg Foster played a blind psychic in some (cop show? movie?). Her eyes (real, not contacts), of course, are an amazing silver-blue colour. - Some psychic characters will wear sunglasses indoors. If not sunglasses, then very thick prescription lenses. - Donald Sutherland's character was a consulting psychic in "Murder By Decree". He was not exactly blind, but he was frail and his caretaker kept the curtains closed and the lights dim. (okay, that's a lot like Waif Prophet) - Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove wears round dark glasses. He's not psychic, as such, but he makes predictions as to how things will play out. - Can't remember the show, but I'm pretty sure there's one where a totally blind guy was driving a car (or truck?) at high speeds. - The Oldest Ones in the Book example - Tiresias, in The Odyssey, Antigone, Oedipus Rex, etc. See
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