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Thwomp-like enemy
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A type of Video Game Character, enemies who are thwomps-in-all-but-name are common in gaming, particularly 2d platformers. Typically thwomp-like enemies wait near the top of the ceiling until you get close, then drop down to crush you, followed by returning back up to the ceiling. Because of their predictable movement pattern these enemies are often easy to avoid. Normally thwomp-like enemies are invincible and act more like a part of the dungeon itself rather than as an enemy. A subtrope of Smashing Hallway Traps of Doom.



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  • Cave Story has large block-like enemies called "Press", which are slightly unusual in that they remain stationary after dropping; however, if they hit the player, it's always instant death. Near the end of the game there are also some which are placed sideways (to act as a Broken Bridge to the Very Definitely Final Dungeon). Some varieties of Critter also show similar behaviour; in a variation, they fly around rather than remaining stationary.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Oracles of Ages features actual Thwomps (continuing a tradition of the gameboy Zelda games featuring cameos from Super Mario enemies) and a King Thwomp as a boss.

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