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Tall, charming, and strikingly good looking - well-spoken in 5 different languages, and classically trained in even more instruments. Big Man on Campus, former president of the Absurdly Powerful Student Council, valedictorian, and working on their doctorate in a scientific field that most peons out there can't even pronounce. Always wears a suit, until the eventual Shirtless Scene during their (strenuous, of course) excersise routine, that is. They have a lovely smile.

However, inside, they're an ugly, writhing pile of Mommy Issues and self-hatred.

This guy takes two forms:
  1. The one who happens to be great at everything, and is loved and respected by the people around him - but he's using his charm and talents to disguise his true nature. Basically, a Villain with Good Publicity who lives their lie every day.
  2. The guy who tried so hard to be great at everything that he eventually suceeded... But broke himself in the process.

Expect them to have at least one bizarre trait that should not be overlooked, as well as a completely unhealthy attitude about love, life, and humanity in general. They most likely don't have anyone that loves or respects them for what they really are - this may be justified.

In the most cynical works on the sliding scale, they'll be a serial killer, or at least a future one.

This character is usually male, but not always. Also, they're not always evil - maybe just a well-hidden Jerk Ass.


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Western Animation

  • Rotorstorm from Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers is one of these - I put him as an example of "Stepford Smiler" on that page, feeling it was the closest trope to his character type. This would fit much better.
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