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There's an app for that....
The day is saved, thanks to phones!
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Oh no, the big bad has set up bombs all over the city, the monster of the week just one-winged angeled and unleashed it's evil hoard on the city, the rival/villian has just upped themselves to a higher level of unbeatable badass, the entire world's going FUBAR and the protagonists need major firepower to fix it - fast! but oh no - there's no convenient deus ex machina to provide power-ups or save them and the power of greyskull's not helping anyone either. what do they do - WHAT DO THEY DOOOOOOO!!!!! Oh wait, they have an app for this specific situation - right on their phone. whether it's for summoning the sword of power. searching out the enemy secret base, or just to give yourself some kickass BGM when facing the army of evil, phone apps prove helpful for any situation. Though this trope is mainly used in stories where magic and technology mix, but can also be used for comic relief, sci-fi, or just when you want to give the badguy a shut-up Hannibal moment. trope named after phrase used in I Touch commercials.
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