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Shares a name with a work I know, but it's the best name for it right now, so I'll change it later.

Exactly What It Says on the Tin. A pair of rival schools of martial arts, run by a pair of masters who have probably been at it for years before the series even started.

Most often, but not always, the two masters were students of the same martial arts style before branching off to different styles: the protagonist usually (but not always) learning under the benevolent master who teaches wisdom and self defense, while the rival school is run by an Evil Mentor and is characteristically ruthless, aggressive and brutal.

Very often comes up in Fighting Series'. This situation often involves or ends with the main students from both schools eventually becoming friends or at least allies, usually after one of them defeats the other, effectively ending the feud, or turning it into a Friendly Rivalry (if it wasn't already) instead.
  • Being the quintessential Fighting Manga, Dragon Ball of course has this, with Goku learning the Turtle Style from Master Roshi, while his rival Crane Hermit's teaches his students styles of brutal assassination. Goku fights two members of the Crane School, Crane's brother Tao and his star pupil, Tien. Tien defeats Goku the first time, but, in a rare occurrence for this trope, his Heel-Face Turn begins even before Goku eventually bests him.
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