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A character operating a vehicle is in a tight spot; there's something blocking the path, someplace too high and/or far to reach, etc. What to do? Look for something that would be remotely be used as a ramp, or just build one, to perform a Ramp Jump.


Anime and Manga
  • Black Lagoon: Rock uses a derelict ship to ramp the titular boat, then fire a torpedo directly into an attack helicopter.

  • Diamonds Are Forever: while in a chase with police cars in a parking lot, James Bond uses an overturned car as an Improvised Ramp to jump his car to safety.
  • The Man with the Golden Gun has a cool broken-bridge improvised ramp that leads to the car making a 360 degree jump.
  • Speed: a Broken Bridge is used as an improvised ramp (I believe the Mythbusters tried it ... turns out the filmmakers cheated and used CGI).
  • The 2000 remake of Gone in Sixty Seconds used an improvised ramp near the end to bring to a close the big chase scene.

  • Chapter one of Feed ends this way. George uses a hill as an improvised ramp.

Live-Action TV

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • Jonny Quest episode "Mystery Of the Lizard Men'': while escaping enemy agents in the Sargasso Sea, Race Bannon and his pursuers both use an overturned boat as a ramp to jump their boats high in the air. The 2nd time, Race uses it to turn his hydrofoil into a deadly weapon.
  • Gwen in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien makes her own ramp out of Anodite magic.
  • Cars: Lightning McQueen uses a wrecked competitor during a race.

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