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Demoted to Love Interest
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Raye Penber: Look, I know you were an excellent FBI agent... but you're here now as my fiancée, and nothing else.
Death Note, Chapter Eight

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Sometimes, becoming the Designated Love Interest isn't a good thing. This is the process by which a character who was formerly presented as interesting and capable in their own right is stripped of pretty much all their personality - not to mention an awful lot of competence - in favor of becoming a Shallow Love Interest the minute the romantic subplot kicks in. Everything that made them individual is largely ignored from then on: hooking up with their partner is presumed to be the end of their Character Arc and whatever they do after that is little more than Filler.

Overwhelmingly likely to be female. May involve picking up the Distress Ball. Compare Chickification.


Anime and Manga
  • Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon. Before he got with Usagi he actually fought monsters. Afterward he just shows up occasionally to encourage Sailor Moon from the sidelines while she does all the work. He's basically just there to ensure the existence of Chibi-Usa and for Usagi to gush over.
  • In Death Note, what Raye Penber seems to want former FBI agent Naomi Misora to become. Because Love Makes You Dumb, she agrees with him to the extent she apologizes to him for daring to venture an opinion on the Kira case in front of him. She gets better, but only after Raye gets killed.

Fan Works


Live-Action TV
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