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This God is a Loser
Going out of the way to represent God as pathetic
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The divine counterpart of the Devil is a loser.

Not to be confused with The Gods Must Be Lazy. To qualify, God must be portrayed not just as uninterested in the state of the world but as down right pathetic. Often this a result of the story-teller wishing to condemn faith or religion. God is reduced to a caricature by this trope -- something to be laughed at and/or pitied.

The novels in "His Dark Materials" exemplify this trope. The author cannot even bring himself to present God as a powerful force of evil, (that position is delegated to a malicious underling) God is represented as a decrepid, senile old man who cannot even wipe the drool from his face. The character is only revealed in order to allow him to dissipate in the wind.

The Comic book Preacher shows God as a whiny little peon who gets housed by his own creation.

The comic Series Lucifer eventualy represents God as a fat, co-dependent twit in a bowler who just wants to be more like Lucifer.

God in the On-Line comic "The Gods of Arr-Kelaan" is simply an oversized lightbulb.

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