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Super kid baby sitter
This when superpower children have to obey the same safety rules as every body else whether it makes sense or not.

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Presumably because a lot of children like fantasy a lot of the super powered protagonists in fiction are children. Something the writers of these works of fiction tend to do it departmentalise the main character’s supper hero work and their “normal” life where they live like any other kid. This sometimes leads to situations where the main character has to obey safety rules in there “normal kid” life that don’t really make sense given their powers and that they regularly ignore the reasons for such rules when fighting crime. This can be some what justified if the protagonist’s parents don’t know about their powers but that doesn’t explain why they follow the rules when they’re alone


  • American Dragon Jake Long Haley apparently needs to be walked to and from school and baby sat despite the fact she can blow fire, has superhuman strength and is put in danger anyway when she crime fights

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