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Alteil is a free-to-play, story driven, Flash based card game. It originated in Japan, where it claims to be the most popular online card strategy game, and has since launched in other languages around the world, including an English version in the USA.

You may have noticed some of Alteil's ads, which parody the ever so curious ads for Evony.

Alteil roots itself in an epic fantasy story about four colored kingdoms, wars, an Eldritch Abomination, etc. Every single card has a flavor text that contributes to the story, and some even talk to each other mid-battle, giving them some character depth. The story progresses as Alteil launches new expansion packs.

Alteil's biggest hook is its card art. The cards are illustrated by big shot artists in the gaming & manga industry, such as Gundam, Guilty Gear, Tales Series, etc.
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