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Worldly Bisexual

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A subtrope of Bi the Way, where the Bisexual in question comes off as hip, exotic, and more sexually open than either gay or straight characters. Not only do they refuse to make a big deal about their Bisexuality, but they seem completely blasť about things that would turn most everyone else purple. Have a sexual fantasy your're too embarrassed to tell your sinifigant other? Need to know where that new happening nightculb is? Or perhaps just want to take up Midnight rooftop croquet? This character found it, did it, and got bored with it last Thurdsay. He or she knows all the best parties, wears the trendiest clothes, knows all those funny band names.

Worldly Bisexuals are rarely Hollywood Dateless. The Worldly Bisexual is usually an authority on how to corrupt yourself sensibly and are more than willing to share this knowlege with the main characters. They also love to espouse that, deep down, everyone is innately Bisexual. After all, gender roles are so constricting!

These characters usually have loads of sexual partners of all different types and persuasions, but, of course, usually the heterosexual ones get the most screen time. Since even the most open-minded fans seem to prefer nice lifelong, cisgendered, manogamy, this character is almost never the romantic lead; they may provide some comic relif or even Fanservice, but, at best, they'll make it into the Beta Couple, or serve as a Romantic False Lead for a couple of episodes.

Being Positive Discrimination, this trope has its own Unfortunate Implications, implying that since Bisexuals do not have to "choose" between Gay and Straight lifestyles, they, somehow, effortlessly take advantage of both worlds without any emotional baggage. In Real Life, Bisexuals have their own social stigmas to overcome, and often end up in mixed-orientation relationships with partners who are less-than-enlightened on the topic.

Can also be the Magical Queer, but, bring a more recent trope, has a slightly better survival rate. May cross into Depraved Bisexual if also Wicked Cultured.


  • Karina Yavimaya on Honorable Hogwarts is like this. 2,800-year-old Sakiko Kanazawa, from the same site, is the Time Abyss version of this.

  • Bi the Way Vince Noir from The Mighty Boosh is less shy, trendier, and more socially accepted than his straight buddy, Howard

  • Karen Walker from Will & Grace is a Rich Bitch with a complex, very active, wild, off-screen social life who seems to border on The Frizzle. She's also manages to be, arguably, the most promiscuous one on the show about how All Gays Are Promiscuous, and is not above hitting on Anything That Moves so long as they're wealthy, powerful or reasonably attractive.

  • Alyssa Jones is (according to Word of God) a Lesbian who dates a man and has slept with many of them before. The straight man she dates becomes intimidated because she's more sexually experienced than he.

  • Thirteen from House

  • Nancy from Roseanne was, supposedly, a Lipstick Lesbian who married a man for a couple of seasons, but fit into this trope quite nicely. This, of course was a Casting Gag, as Sandra Bernhard had a widely publicized Faux Yay relationship with none other than Madonna.

  • Captain Jack Harkness; the Free-Love Future may, technically, count as otherworldly, but certainly fits this trope.

  • Played with in Vicky Christy Barcelona, mostly straight up in the beginning, then deconstructed, then finally subverted when the bisexual characters are revealed to be as vulnerable as anyone in matters of love.

  • Fox Maharassa from Friendly Hostility.

  • Maximilian from Cabaret has an understanding with his wife (who is never shown), and takes on both Brian and Sally as lovers. He buys them both expensive and opulent gifts (fur coat, gold cigarette case), and finances lavish meals and idyllic jaunts (on a boat, at his country house).

  • Natalie from Our Idiot Brother is a flighty, flirty, restless flibbertigibbet who pursues any interest that flies into her head while living off her Butch Lesbian girlfriend. she ends up cheating on said girlfriend with a man and getting pregnant, but it ends up being okay because All Lesbians Want Kids.
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