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Thanking a Love Declaration
One character finally musters up the courage to say the L word, only to recieve a
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The scene usually begins with both of our characters either laying or sitting in bed together. One of the characters has something to say, but is having a little trouble finding the right way to express him/herself. He or she finally forces out the words...

"I love you"

It's a big moment in our character's life, whether on the giving or receiving end. Perhaps the character isn't ready for this type of commitment though, and doesn't want to hurt the feelings of their paramour. This feeling of awkwardness manifests as a couple moments of silence and some strange looks before the receiver of the "I love you" responds with the most heartbreaking of replies...

"Thank you" (or some variation)

The lover conceals his or her despair, but the tension will ultimately come to a head and lead to a separation.

Live Action Film
  • Liar Liar: Jerry professes his love for Audrey on the plane as it is about to depart. Audrey chokes on her drink before composing herself to deliver a "Thank you" and then a "Thank you very much".

Live Action TV
  • New Girl: Paul says this to Jess after the two hug while exchanging gifts sitting in bed. Jess tries to come up with the right thing to say and finally replies with a soft "Thank you". The lack of "I love you" feelings eventually results in the couple breaking up.
  • The Big Bang Theory: Leonard says this to Penny while the two lay in bed. Penny's eyes flutter as she tries to come up with a response, before delivering the relationship killing "Thank you". The relationship ends later in the episode.
  • In Mike & Molly, Carl confesses his love to his girlfriend Christina, who says "that's sweet".
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