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The One Who Did
A person who holds a title of the form "The (personal noun) who (verbs or verbed)"
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I feel like this must exist but I looked under Harry Potter and didn't see anything that fit.

There's a trope for naming entities (good, bad, and weird) with titles of the form "The (personal noun) who ([must] verbs/verbed.)" It can be very evocative and effective when done properly.

Harry Potter is the obvious first example: "The Boy Who Lived."

From the Dresden Files, we get "He Who Walks Behind" and his buddy, "He Who Walks Before." (No word yet on if we're going to get a "He Who Walks Six Paces Back and Slightly To The Left.")

Then there's the ever-popular "She Who Must Be Obeyed", which originated in a booked called "SHE" by H.R. Haggard but has since been copied by many would-be comedians commenting on their wives.

And recently in Justin Cronin's "The Passage", there is Amy, "The One Who Walked In, the First and Last and Only."

This is just off the top of my head here. Does this title trope exist?

(Oh, there's also the fact that every episode of "Friends" was titled "The One Where [Thing]", but that probably doesn't count since the "One" there wasn't a person, but an episode.)
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