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Holiday Volunteering
Characters volunteer around family holidays (normally Thanksgiving and Christmas).
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It's a big public holiday but our characters have decided that rather than spend the day stuffing their faces, drinking themselves into obviation or spending a quiet day at home, they're going to give up their free time and help out those less fortunate.

The holiday in question varies; in the USA it's likely to be Thanksgiving while in other countries Christmas is going to be the top spot, but the traditional job is normally serving out food in a homeless shelter/soup kitchen. Expect a clash of class, quirky characters and for somebody to learn the True Meaning of Christmas.

Do We Have This One??


  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Carlton and Hilary volunteer at a homeless shelter but purely for their own interests; Carlton wants a note of recommendation to help get into Princeton, while Hilary wants to promote her TV show by filming a sob story for Thanksgiving. After the food runs out the two pay for a posh meal complete with waiters and Hilary decides not to exploit the poor for one day of the year.
  • Glee: Sue attempts to recruit homeless shelter volunteers for Christmas hoping to get the Glee Club.
  • Coronation Street: Sophie drags Sally to a shelter on Christmas 2013. Only for Sophie get into a fight with one homeless girl who shoved one of their faces into a dessert. Her purse gets stolen soon after and of course she blames it on the girl.
  • Keeping Up Appearances has a Christmas Special where Richard is forced to dress up as Father Christmas as he hands out gifts to the old people at the Church Hall. Only he gets drunk on cherry and Emmet has to take over.

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