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Sanada Yukimura's Hot Bloodedness is far too much for any shirt to handle

If your favorite show happens to include a very attractive male in its main cast, the chances are high that he's going to wind up losing his shirt sooner or later. It may be gratuitous, and it will almost certainly bring the Squee, but it will also be temporary. Eventually, Mr. Fanservice will replace his shirt, and you'll have to resort to rewinds and freeze-frames if you haven't gotten your fill.

Unless, of course, the object of your Perverse Sexual Lust is this guy.

The Walking Shirtless Scene isn't the pretty boy who gets the most frequent or gratuitous Shirtless Scenes. In fact, he's the guy who has no Shirtless Scenes, because that would imply that he ever wears shirts to begin with. The Walking Shirtless Scene is, instead, the pretty boy whose default attire involves parading around half-naked. His Limited Wardrobe is so limited, that it doesn't even include a shirt -- Or, if it does, he seems physically incapable of ever buttoning it.

As you might guess, fangirls love this guy.

For obvious reasons, this is a male-exclusive form of Stripperiffic-ness. The closest you can hope from someone without a Y chromosome is some Absolute Cleavage.
  • Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. As one of our own has put it: "Kamina has no shirt. Kamina NEEDS no shirt."
  • Sanada Yukimura, as pictured above, from Sengoku Basara. He is joined in this practice by Maeda Toshiie.
  • A number of characters (both story and generic) in the Disgaea series, such as Mid-Boss and Axel. To be fair, it gets very hot in Hell.

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