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Colorless hero
When the main character usually has non-elemental superpowers
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When creating a main character for a series that you plan to continue for a while, it is an important descision to choose their powers. And since they will be getting the most screentime, unless there will be a team of heroes with different powers, endowing your mian character with Fire, Ice, or Lightning is very uncommon. Instead, most heroes (and heroines) have a power that is not associated with an elemaent. Wind, Earth, Nature, Steel, Rock, and Poison are very uncommon. For some reason, Water and Nature seem soomewhat exempt. The main character will, on the other hand, often have Fighting, Psychic, Magic, Gadget, or Flying powers instead.



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  • Touma Kamijou from ToAruMajutsuNoIndex is a Level-0 Esper by mere technicality but wields a power greater than all the other characters, his {{Anti-Magic}Imagine Breaker} which, by it's very nature has no element at all.
  • Yusuke Urameshi from YuYuHakusho can fire his spirit energy like a bullet or multiple bullets but it's not elemental.
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