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Cape Swish

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Not enough Dramatic Wind to blow your cape around in a satisfactory manner? Make your own! The easiest way is to turn around quickly, causing your cape to billow out behind. You might also want to hold it out with one hand as you swoop for maximum surface area, but a true master of the technique can achieve awesome cape flaring with a minimum of movement. Running forward or other sudden movements can also make a cape flare, but is less dignified.

This is a favorite move of any character that wears a cape, especially the Dastardly Whiplash. However, any character with a cape can pull it off. It can also be done with a cloak, robe, coat, or any similar long garment, or even with Rapunzel Hair.


  • A staple of Batman, whose Cape Swish is actually weaponized. The cape contains weights, the better to smack Mooks upside the head with.
  • . Two examples from Astérix:
    • In the Big Fight, the rival village chieftain tells Vitalstatistix he turns his back on the to-be-defeated chief, which he does with a Cape Swish . Unfortunately his Shield Bearers think this also applies to them, so he ends up facing them again.
  • A staple of The Shadow, who, in the original Pulp Magazine stories, used his cape to deflect bullets (the ability to cloud men's minds came later, with the radio adaptation).

Anime and Manga

  • A staple also of Maleficent, and probably picked up from her by Jenner.
  • Prince Proteus from dreamworks' Sinbad makes a dignified attempt at one before kneeling at the executioner's block, but the wind blows it back at him and it just looks silly.
  • M. Bison does this EVERY SCENE in the Street Fighter movie. Seriously, every scene, at least once. Given how massive of a Large Ham he is, it's hilarious.
  • Gerard Butler's Phantom does this a lot, most notably in "Point Of No Return."

  • Graf von Krolock in Tanz Der Vampire does this a lot, not least because the design of his cape actually forces the actor playing him to swoosh it back just to gesture- and being a musical, there's a lot of gesturing.

Live-Action TV

Video Games
  • Nu-13's heavy attacks involve swishing her Cape Wings made of swords at her foe.

Web Comics
  • The Head Alien, in those moments he chooses to be genuinely menacing.

Western Animation
  • Mojo Jojo. It's one of the things he does best.
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