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Fast Eating

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Eating usually takes a while in Real Life. Even small food can take a while to be eaten. However, in Video Games, this is not the case. While normally they won't show the eating animation, in some cases they will show the character eating... but they do so in a ridiculously fast manner that you wonder how they did not choke from their food.

Not to be confused with Big Eater. This trope is about making eating animation as fast as possible to accommodate gameplay, not a character trait.

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  • Super Mario RPG and Mario & Luigi involve eating huge mushrooms by simply... tossing them up in the air and swallowing them up.
  • In various Kirby games, the titular character just swallows everything, without even chewing! Justified that it seems to be his ability.
  • In Monster Hunter games, eating meat simply involves gnawing the whole food without prejudice until the item vanishes.
  • In Disaster: Day of Crisis, Ray gobbles up food in a matter of minutes - even huge hamburgers! He can also gulp down a huge amount of liquid in a matter of minutes!
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